New PvP Boss and Conversion Rates! September 18, 2017
• Added New PvP Boss
- respawns every 5 hours
- same looting mechanics
- summons 30 apparitions, 29 drops Ele II Crystals, 1 Sachael Chest.

Boss Details:
Name: Sachael (The Desert Angel)
Lv: 64
HP: 3,000,000
Physical Defense: 300
Magical Defense: 300

• Warcoins in Jungle
- 3% drop rate
- here are the list of the mobs were they are added:

Lacerrtier Bairasas
Lacerrtier Herius
Lacerrtier Parishsas
Lacerrtier Redius
Lacerrtier Curius
Stable Erde Apparition
Stable Erde Kersos
Stable Erde Spirit
Stable Erde Tatoramo
Terrtier Bandilus
Terrtier Direyasas
Terrtier Kilaus
Terrtier Serus
Terrtier Tiarusas

• Conversion Rates
- back to normal! thank you all for being patient and cooperative!
- WP Crystal Lv1/2/3, 1M/10/100M
- Gilt Stones Lv1/2/3, 800K,8m,80m

• IM and REWARDS Discount
- this week we are slashing 20% on stacked goods in our Item Mall, 10% on ALL REWARDS(both Diamond and Token).

09/06/2017 - Farmer Silver Rewards! September 06, 2017
1. Farmer Silver Rewards!
- new currency, mainly for farmers.
- your Token/Farmer Points are viewable in your Server Rewards Tab under WARS PANEL
- click path: WARS PANEL > Server Rewards > Farmers Silver Reward

2. SW Token (new item)
- you earn points by selling these Tokens to NPC. 1 SW Token = 1 Farmer's Point
- here is the list of monster that drops SW Token:

Endia Evil Spirit Iron Golem
Endia Evil Spirit Stone Golem
Endia Evil Spirit Emperor
Endia Evil Spirit Wizard

PiHunts Clan Gargoyle Patroler
PiHunts Clan Ifrit Leader
Haras Wyvern Patroler
Haras Ifrit Combater
Haras Croco Commander
Haras Gimis Leader

Glare Scorpion Breeder
Glare Scorpion Reproducer
Glare Desort Corpse
Glare Desort Hell

* drop rate is 3% on all monsters listed.
** we can and will add more on this list in the future, your suggestion(s) is/are more than welcome.

3. Ele II - Armor / Weapon (new items)
- these ele 2s are attainable through Ele II - Armor/Weapon Pouch.
- these ele 2s eats 3 slots on your gear and weapon.
- item does not break during link/extract from gear and/or weapon.

4. Ele II - Armor/Weapon Pouch(new items)
- can be purchased from your Farmer Silver Rewards Web Mall.

5. Farmer Silver Rewards Web Mall!
- here is the list of items you can trade for your Tokens / Farmer Points:

Ele II - Armor Pouch
Ele II - Weapon Pouch
Linking Hammer lv7
Linking Hammer lv5
Small Extraction Hammer
Small Exp Stone
Blue Dragon Charm
Large Increase Exp
Recreation Rune
Angel's Chest
Arcane Potion
Skill Reset Stone
Stat Reset Stone
Victory Firecracker
Love Firecracker
Conquest Firecracker
Butterfly Firecracker
Warehouse recall Rune
Mysterious Lapis Pocket
Ritters Power Lv3
Heliys Competence Lv3
Apostels Ability Lv3
Lucky Charm

* for more details just visit your Farmer Silver Rewards section under your WARS PANEL
** we can and will add more on this list in the future, your suggestion(s) is/are more than welcome.

6. Gold and WP conversion re-adjustment
- gold to War Points 2m/20m/200m
- conversion adjust will take place quarterly, all dependent on server total gold status. (March, June, September and December)

Server Maintenance for 2 Hours September 03, 2017
1. Change Job
- allows you to change JOB.
- this process costs 1,000 War Points

- this feature is now available on your WARS Panel > Server Features > Change Job
Simple Mechanics:
- account must be offline
- toon must be naked, unequip ALL items
- this is not reversible by any means
- if you cannot find the job, this means you only need to change CLASS.
- Stat and Skills will be reset in this process.

2. Gold and WP conversion adjustment
- gold conversion to War Points has inflated from 1m/10m/100m to 3m/30m/300m
- war points to gold conversion depreciated from 800K/8m/80m to 500K/5M/50m

3. Conversion Viewer
- we decided to update the gold and wp conversion as needed to maintain the gold economy
- this is displayed on your account panel.(viewable tomorrow - 8/4/2017)

4. War Coins Lv2/3 adjustment
- Lv1/2/3 values adjusted from 1m/10m/15m to 1m/3m/5m
- drop rate lowered from 5% to 3%

5. War Coins Lv2/3 XT
- these are the War Coins Lv2 and Lv3 with values 10m and 15m respectively from previous patch, named War Coin Lv2 and War Coin Lv3
- you can still sell them for 10m/15m, however these War Coins will not drop and are not tradeable to other person but NPC.

Server Maintenance for 4 Hours August 20, 2017
1. Website main nagivation updated.
- new look for easier navigation too!

2. Change Class released!
- you can now change class, for more details check it in your account panel.

3. Warlord of the day added on upper left of the website.
- information of who is the current warlord and what is the effect given is posted.

4. Created New Items:
- War Coin Lv1 sells for 1,000,000 golds
- war Coin Lv2 sells for 10,000,000 golds
- war Coin Lv3 sells for 15,000,000 golds

5. Added War Coins to DD1 mobs, 5% drop rate(random drop of Lv1,2,3)
- Karision Archane Combater
- Karision Tongs Larva
- Karision Desert Poison
- Karision Archane Fighter
- Karision Big Tongs Larva

Server Maintenance for 2 Hours August 08, 2017
• Eraser Skill Nerf
- increased cast time from instant to 3 seconds.
- increased cooldown from 10 minutes to 30minutes.
- decreased success rate from 65% to 50%
• Dragon Chest Quest Mechanics
- Quest NPC has been removed
- when you have successfully collected 100 Dragon Skins, you will need to submit a ticker. Your GMs will trade them for you.

• Mobs and Boss Experience
- removed experience from GRB Mobs; 15-30 mobs and bosses.
- removed Oblivion Insula Mobs and Bosses Experience
- fixed CD/FD AI
- corrected mobs summoned by Fantasma Dragon