Time to get NAKED! September 22, 2017
On September 30, 2017 @ 9PM-11PM GMT+8
x2 kills will be activated for 2hrs during this event.

For more information, visit this link.

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A week long Event Madness! September 08, 2017
As a special treat to our valued & loyal players, we will be implementing special events this whole week!
For complete information visit this link

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A Week of Special Events September 08, 2017
Feeling bored? You don't need to worry we got you covered. We have a series of special events from coming Sunday till Saturday! We are finalizing these events and will be posted before the schedule date. Don't miss it! Get into action!

Update to Terms Of Service September 07, 2017
We're updating our Terms of Service.

One of the update includes that a quarterly review in gold conversion based on Total server gold will be in effect. (Q1:Septermber, Q2:December, Q3:March, and Q4:June)
With this reviews, we can consistently prevent high inflation which drops the in-game currency value.

Please note, that if you do not agree and do not trust us with these changes, you should feel free to leave the game at any time. Otherwise, we will assure you a better and stable gold economy.

Shaiya WARS Team

New Feature: Farmer's Silver Reward, released! September 06, 2017
This silver new currency are mainly for farmers.

You will get these silver currency by selling looted tokens to NPC.
Each token will give you 1 Farmers Point.
These Farmer Point can be exchange to premium items in our Farmers Silver Reward Web Mall.

For more information, visit Wars Panel > Server Rewards > Farmers Silver Rewards
Also visit today's patch logs to get more information on which monster will drop SW Token.

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