LOWER ZONES, Now OPEN! July 11, 2017
Two new bosses added.
One boss for Proelium 1-15 zone and another boss for Cantabilian 20-30 zone.
For more information, kindly read our July 11 maintenance notes.

New timers added for 3 days bosses! July 09, 2017
Cloron Dragon and Fantasma Dragon added on the timers!

Torrent download now available! June 29, 2017
We just added another download option which is torrent.
You can start downloading the latest game client using torrent but you need to agree our terms of service otherwise leave the page and don't download.
Get into action!

New Event Boss! June 27, 2017
For more information kindly read our maintenance notes.
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WTFast Software recommended! June 23, 2017
We recommend to use WTFast software to lower your latency when playing this game
How to use it? Visit this page: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Wtfast