Terms Of Service

SWR1: Game and Chat Usage
a) English language “ONLY” on public chats. This includes raid commands, communicating with our staffs and party or raid chats. You are only allowed to use your own language in party or raid chat (if all of you speak the same language), guild chat, in the arena and private chats.
b) You may not spam the chat box with obnoxiously repeated texts or messages. Indiscriminate use of sub-skills is also considered as spamming.
c) Keep the chat box free from profanity, drama, graphic text and capital letters.
d) Advertising other server, game, hack sites or phishing sites are prohibited. This also includes promoting other websites and social media links that are not related to the server. Any advertisement related to illegal drug use, sex, criminal activity, racism and alcohol are prohibited.
e) You may not incorporate any vulgar language which are otherwise defamatory, obscene or racially/ethnically offensive. Religious attacks, social discrimination, sexism, swearing, slurs, blackguard or satirize player’s IGNs or Guild name are also not allowed. In-game names that are malicious, explicit, vulgar (with double meaning or not) and offensive are not allowed. Misbehaviour such as disrespecting our staff/s or server employee/s also falls under this rule. Forbidden IGNs will be automatically changed by our staffs without any warnings.
f) Impersonating as staff and a known player or falsely imply that you are a Shaiya Wars representative is not allowed. This includes imitating the IGN or in-game name of our staffs or employees, uses of spaces and text to impersonate a player/staff or creating a deceitful IGNs (in-game name) and act apart as staff or event promoter. Our staffs will never send you a message and ask for your account information such as your email-ad or password.
g) Fraud, False claims, defamation, fabricated facts, reporting/spreading false info in any forms of chats, publication and distribution of false news or information in-game, forums, voice and text chat groups and in any social media that may cause divisive effects among the players and to the server is strictly prohibited.
h) You may not influence other player/s to transgress or violate our rules.
i) You may not communicate or post any user's personal information in the Game, or on websites, forums, Facebook page or any social media related to the game, except that a user may communicate his or her own personal information in a private message directed to a single user. We do not encourage you to share your account information to any player or user in the server.
j) Bribing, begging, threatening or blackmailing a staff to release their account from ban, to earn items, gold or Exp boost and/or to gain huge advantage in-game is prohibited. Users also have a right to file a complaint if they are a victim of such threats, extortion, exaction or harassment by begging players.
k) RMT or Real Money Trading is forbidden. This is also considered as illegal trading. You may not sell in-game items, accounts or currency for “real” money, or exchange those items or currency for any value that occurs outside the game. Any attempts to buy an ingame goods or currency is also not allowed. Our server hereby expressly dissociate itself to any mischief or damages and/or results arising from buying, trading and selling items or account via RMT.
l) You may not be involved in illegal trading such as RMT, trading or bartering game accounts or items, from other server or game. All transactions and payments must be in gold (our in-game currency), virtual goods/items or War Points only. Cell phone credits, bitcoins, material and non-material goods are also prohibited under this rule. It is also not allowed to vend your item and do the transaction and agreement outside the game and/or using social media or chat groups (Skype, facebook, Discord etc) as a mode of trading. You are only allowed to sell your items in-game and by creating a post or a thread in our forums.
m) It is also not allowed to vend or setup a market and put a message or text such as "pm me in skype, FB etc." You are not allowed to do the transaction and agreement outside the game and/or using social media or chat groups (Skype, facebook, Discord etc) as a mode of trading. You are only allowed to sell your items in-game and by creating a post or a thread in our forums.

SWR2: General Game and Character Usage
a) You are not allowed to do “Kill stealing”. Kill stealing (KS/KSng) is the practice of obtaining credit for killing a lured mobs, when another player has put more effort into the kill. PvP bosses are exclusively not included in this rule. Both factions are allowed to compete on the boss drops.
b) Baiting, killing and entering on enemy's safe zone is not allowed "ONLY" in some areas such as respawn points from Kimu Dungeon to Dwater borderland and Greendietta Seraphim Room portal to the respawn point outside the Sky City. Areas that are affected by the three kill base killing deduction (-3 kills) are D-Water Borderland Castles (Raigo/Karis), Proelium Frontier, Cantabilian Borderland, Deep Desert 1 (DD1), Deep Desert 2 (DD2) and Stable Erde (Jungle). The -3 base killing range starts from your enemy's Ides (towers) and gates to their respawn area.
c) Items that are destroyed through linking or enchanting are recoverable within 10 days. Items that are dropped, sold in NPC or accidentally sold in the Market or Auction Board are non-retrievable. We do not also reimburse a refund on missing or expired items in Auction Board. Your complaint is considered as void if you failed to file a complaint on missing items within 24 to 72 hrs.
d) You are only allowed to use your three (3) accounts in voting. Dummy accounts that are used in voting will be banned permanently.
e) Scamming and Hacking are strictly prohibited in the server. Scammed items thru RMT will be automatically deleted. Hacked accounts thru RMT will be banned permanently. You are only given 24 to 72 hours window to report the incident. Scamming and Hacking thru trading or bartering virtual goods or currency from other server or game is not allowed.
f) Improper use of skills to harass a player, to trigger a bug or deceive a player is not allowed.
g) Dummy characters or accounts that are used to violate our rules might be banned permanently.
h) Leeching and Stat padding is not allowed. Stat padding is the act of receiving undeserved kill points due to abnormal and unhelpful gameplay. In addition to a temporary ban, all gained kills will be deleted. You are not allowed to use our multi-boxing features to leech kill points during PvP, Events and Boss Hunts. Leave your raid or party if you are going to AFK your toon. AFK during boss hunt/event is also considered as leeching. Dummy accounts used in stat padding will be banned permanently. Character/s that is/are intentionally involved in feeding (deliberately feed/killed) might be banned permanently. We don’t allow any violators to spoil or destroy the gameplay or gaming experience of our valued players because of this activity.
i) Your account is your responsibility. Account sharing is allowed. However, we do not encourage you to share your account or entrust your account info to the other player. Shaiya Wars is not responsible for any items lost because of account sharing. Items that are stolen, sold in NPC, missing or dropped due to account sharing are non-retrievable. Owner of the Account/s that are involved in stealing the victim's items and deleting the user's characters without his/her permission will be banned permanently.

SW3: Raid Rules and Conduct
a) Looting or any attempt to gain advantage to take loot by means of changing the loot distribution order of the raid is forbidden. All looted items will be confiscated from the violator. On boss hunts, players (with or without a party, soloing, on private raid/s or guild raid/s) who only aimed for the boxes that are dropped by the boss or a monster is also considered as Looting.
b) 1:1 Loot Rule per Boss Hunt: You are not allowed to attain more than one (1) drop/loot “per Boss Hunt”. You must surrender the extra item to our Staff or just drop it in your safe zone and let your raid members to pick it up. This rule is applied on CT bosses, Dios Exiel, Kimuraku, G.Seraphim and Custom Bosses. Ex. You have CT run Boss hunt, you attained 2 drops on CT1, return the extra item to our staff. On the other hand, you are still allowed to attain another “one drop/loot” on your next boss hunt. This is repetitive but restricted to one Boss Hunt only. Ex. Your raid continued and move to CT2. In CT2 you attained another item. This is considered as a legit loot. Boxes and items or loots dropped from apparitions are not included in 1:1 Rule.
c) You are “only allowed” to attain more than one loots/drops during Monster Madness and other events with summoned monsters, boxes, apparition drops or bosses.
d) Dual Login or Multi-Boxing during boss hunt, PVP and event is not allowed. You are only allowed to use our Dual Login Feature in vending, farming (Allowed only on none PVP zone), power leveling, storage and trading.
e) All raids must be in "Team Order (Group Loot)" settings. Apparitions (our sophisticated boss drop system) will randomize the drops/loots. Private raids and Leader gaining settings are not allowed especially during Boss Hunts and Events.
f) Loots that are dropped on the floor (during the boss hunt/event) must be surrendered to our staffs. Confiscated items will be given away thru a Drag and Drop event. You must also close your raid when the Boss’s health or HP reached 50%. On Dios Exiel boss hunt, you are only allowed to close the raid if DE's HP reached 50% on its 2nd form. Creating 2nd raid on Dios Exiel’s 2nd form is prohibited. You are also not allowed to dismantle your raid when the Boss’s HP is below 50%.
g) All raid/s on Boss Hunt and event must be called in Trade Chat. This includes CT Bosses, Kimuraku, Greendietta Seraphim, Dios Exiel, Cloron Dragon/Fantasma Dragon, Freezing Mirage/Haruhion, Custom and Quest bosses.
h) Level Requirements on Each Zones:
• Only level 60 characters are allowed to join Cryptic Throne Boss Hunt.
• Level 55+ characters are allowed to join in a Non-PVP event.
• Level 55+ Characters are also allowed to join FM/Haru and CD/FD boss hunts.
• Only geared level 60 characters are allowed to join in a regular PVP, PVP-Boss Hunts and PVP-events.
• Lower PVP zones such as Proelium and Cantabilian are still under our raid rules. You must reach a required level (level 15 on Proelium and level 30 on Cantabilian) before joining a PVP, event and boss hunt.
• Events such as word puzzle, find the GM, Shaiya War quiz, random gifts, offline, social media, website and forums events are not included on Level Requirements and Gear requirements rule.
i) Gear Requirements for PvP and Non-PVP zones.
• There are no gear requirements on Non-PVP events.
• There are no gear requirements on Non-PVP Boss Hunts such as Cryptic Throne runs. However, you must have at least an epic weapon and a complete set of accessories to be more effective in killing CT bosses.
• You must meet the minimum requirement of gears before joining PVP, PVP-Boss Hunt and PVP-Event. In level 60 pvp, you must have a complete set of accessories, complete set of legendary gears (Lv43-53+), epic weapons/legendary weapons and cape. In Proelium you must have noble gears, noble weapon, noble shield (for melee or damage dealers except ranger/assassin) and accessories. In Cantabilian you must have at least heroic gears/shield, heroic weapon and accessories.
j) Farming or killing quest bosses without quester/s is strictly forbidden.
k) All bosses and monsters are free to all players. Raids on the same faction are allowed to compete in killing monsters or bosses. In other words, you are allowed to create 2nd or 3rd raid as long as the 1st raid is full.
l) Before you dismantle your raid, make sure that members of your raid are in the safe zone. Do not disband your raid in the middle of PVP and Boss hunt.
m) Kill Stealing on Raids: These Raid Kill Stealing rules are enforced or applied for same faction only. Ex. AOL-AOL, UOF-UOF. Rules are applied to Raid A and Raid B or vice versa.
• This will only happen if members of Raid A lured the monsters or mobs to Raid B to prevent them from taking the “aggro/agro “or with an intention to wipe out or kill all the members of Raid B,
• if any member of Raid A used evolution skill on the members of Raid B while killing the boss or monster,
• if members of Raid B only aimed for the boxes or apparitions. This rule is not restricted to the raid/s who participated on killing the monster or boss from the start (with 100% HP of boss or monster).
• and if the members of Raid A or Raid B activated the Guild vs Guild battle “while” taking or killing the monster/s or boss/es.
n) Raid leaders and Guild Leaders/officers who failed to follow our Raid Rules will be punished accordingly.

SWR4: Support Usage and Others.
• Ticket: Trade chat is not the right place for filing a complaint (ban appeal, bug report, update issues etc), suggestions or concerns. All concerns and reports with sensitive issues must be filed thru tickets. You must provide a fraps/video or screenshot (image should be detailed, IGN must be visible, the sequence must be clear, unedited/uncropped and violations is evident , discrete and complete) in sending a report. Be explicative and descriptive, make sure you add the complete details of your report or complaint. Avoid sending a ticket with malicious and disrespecting content. All tickets will be answered within one (1) to 24 hrs. Avoid sending more than one ticket with the same topic. You are not allowed to send a ban appeal for the other player. The owner of the banned account itself must send a ban appeal.
• In our forums, avoid posting malicious thread such as phishing site links, non-game related topics (politics, religion, race/ethnics etc.), intimate visual images with sexual intent, advertising products and hacking tools, comments/replies that might cause or incite misunderstanding or dispute, misleading information and any disrespectful acts. You should indicate the price when selling and posting in-game virtual goods. You can use our forums for suggestions, bug report and minor in-game issues.
• In-game Support: minor questions and inquiries are also answered in-game (It depends on the availability of our staffs). We usually send our replies thru messages or warnings.
• Improper use of our support system may lead to temporary or permanent ban of your account.

SWR5: Client Modification and Exploits
• You are not allowed to kill any GRB bosses repeatedly during the ranking event. Using third party program, bots, Duping or replicating in-game items, speed hacks, bug abuse and other exploits (terrain, damage, item, rune, consumable, skills, invulnerability exploits) and Game modification or using modified client may result to the suspension of your account.
• Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access or to obtain an advantage over other players is also strictly prohibited. Furthermore, exploits on killing bosses such as triggering a bug to immobilize and/or prevent the boss or monster from attacking and casting its skills and gain favourable result is also considered as bug abuse or game exploit. Any attempts or acts of bypassing or exploiting our server's game features may result to temporary or permanent ban of your account.
• Unreported accidentally triggered bug is considered as an abuse. Profit or earnings such as Gold and War points from the sold bug items will be deleted. Virtual goods that are traded from a bug item will be confiscated also.
• We have a right to terminate any account/s that is/are involved in a donation dispute. All the items which include, virtual goods and gold that are traded or distributed on or before or prior to the day that dispute case was filed will be confiscated.
• Accounts that are released from permanent ban will undergo in a six (6) month probation and will be subjected to a constant supervision. It is imperative for the probationer to follow our SWR-TOS and perform good behaviour in-game. If the probationer violated any of our rules and/or repeat the violations he made, his/her account might be banned permanently and all submitted ban appeal will be denied or rejected. We may or may not give considerations on minor offenses. Decisions will be weighed based on the grounds and the gravity of the offense made by the probationer.

SWR6: Game, Changes of Terms of Service, Termination and Disclaimer.
• Shaiya Wars has rights to all of the content that appears in the Game. You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content, including without limitation the virtual goods or currency appearing or originating in the Game, or any other attributes associated with any Account. The server itself does not recognize any purported transfers of virtual property or rights on the account/item executed outside of the Game, or the purported sale, gift or trade in the “real world” of anything that appears or originates in the Game. We also have a right to modify, change, supplement or delete at any time our Terms of Service.
• If any future changes to this Agreement are unacceptable to you or cause you to no longer be in compliance with this Agreement, you must terminate, and immediately stop using, the Game. Your continued use of the Game following any revision to this Agreement constitutes your complete and irrevocable acceptance of any and all such changes.
• You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss of War Points or broken item caused by a random bug or glitch.
• We have the right to suspend, block, remove or ban any registered accounts in Shaiya War. We may, in our discretion, choose to monitor or record your performance and activities. You are not allowed to interfere in any investigation conducted by our staffs. We have a right to scrutinize or question you as part of our investigation.
• The inflation differentials (IF the server consistently has high inflation rate exhibits drops of in game currency value. This happens if there is high production of gold and low supply of in game necessities), terms of trade (ratio comparing conversion of WP to Gold and Gold to WP) and server’s economic performance affects the exchange rates of gold to War Points. We have the right to review, monitor and change the in-game currency conversion in order to prevent inflation and to balance our server’s economy. The gold status data will be collected daily and the conversion changes quarterly (Q1 September, Q2 December,Q3 March and Q4 June).
• We also have a right to modify, change, supplement or delete at any time our Terms of Service. You may not disrupt or assist in disruption and deciphering the transmission of our connection to our host or attempt to stop our service. This Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate this Agreement by deleting the Game Client and terminating all Shaiya Wars Accounts registered to you. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions, please do not access or otherwise use the service.